Clarification regarding recent statements by Marek Zmyslowski about HotelOnline and Savanna Sunrise

Savanna Sunrise Ltd. was founded in 2014 by Endre Opdal and HÃ¥var Bauck. It is the company which Marek Zmyslowski recently referred to as HotelOga's "biggest competitor in East Africa".

Zmyslowski contacted Savanna Sunrise in January 2017, proposing a merger with HotelOga. The parties then initiated merger talks. A due diligence conducted by Savanna Sunrise however showed that the envisaged merger was not viable. Zmyslowski then stated in a mail on April 5th, 2017, that he would take HotelOga (incorporated in Nigeria as Hospitality Technology Solutions Ltd.) with him into a different arrangement with a third party.

The technology used by HotelOga was owned by a separate Polish company, where Zmyslowski was one of the shareholder. Shortly after April 5th, Zmyslowski transferred his shares in that company to his Polish co-founders, and resigned from all his roles.

Savanna Sunrise later entered into a significantly smaller transaction with the Polish technology company. At that time, Zmyslowski owned no shares, and had no active or passive roles in either company.

Savanna Sunrise Ltd. currently trades as HotelOnline. Marek Zmyslowski has not, and has never had any role in the company after the transaction. HotelOnline is not associated with Zmyslowski or the now defunct Hospitality Technology Solutions Ltd. (t/a "HotelOga") in any way.